I'm Jack I'm 20 and I live in the west midlands in england.


Fedora shaming is getting old.

fedora shaming


I’m snorting

Posted 13 Oct

I have a short story based on a dream I had that I would like to turn into a zine and I’m looking to collab with someone on it who could do some illustrations for me.

The dream in question was a nightmare and weird as hell, just a pre-warning. If anyone’s interested send me an ask and we can talk and I’ll send you over the story. If you have some of your work that you could send me so I can see your drawing style that’d be a bonus. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Posted 12 Sep

Went to Nando’s with my friend and her mum apparently I’m posh because my house has two bathrooms and I read books????


Posted 31 Aug

Is talking to cute people on the internet a hobby?

If it isn’t I don’t have any.

Posted 26 Aug

I’m rly bored so kik me at jckcrtr

Posted 26 Aug